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Tonner Dolls are a gem that can get you more money than you thought

Sell Tonner Dolls

Tonner Dolls are a gem that can get you more money than you thought

Sell Tonner Dolls for Cash

In 1992, American entrepreneur Robert Tonner founded Tonner Doll Company, Inc., a collectible doll design and distribution company. Tonner Doll became known for its original doll lines and licensed dolls, which were the company’s biggest hit. From Harry Potter dolls to Twilight dolls, and even a DC comics doll collection, Tonner Doll knew how to get to the heart of multiple fan bases and doll collectors for many years, but are Tonner dolls worth anything nowadays? Where Can I sell my Tonner Doll collection? Sell Tonner Dolls for cash with Sell Your Toys Now!


What makes them different?

Every doll collector might have their favorite doll brand, but one thing we can all agree with is that Tonner dolls are beautiful! They’re dolls with so much detail and glamour. Their vibe was different from other dolls on the market, with Tonner dolls having more gentle and ethereal-like features.

Tonner High-End Dolls show poise and style. Their clothes and accessories are impeccable and clean, anything that a doll collector and fashion lover could ask for.

Tonner Doll played it smart and tried to appeal to a wider general audience by creating licensed dolls. Tonner released numerous licenced dolls of different movies that are a staple in the cinematic world, such as their Roxie Hart from Chicago doll, Captain Jack Sparrow doll, and Lord of the Rings ‘Arwen’ doll, to name a few.

Tonner’s fashion is quite realistic and sophisticated. Whether it is a Tonner original line or a Tonner doll modelled on a movie character, the dolls share a unique enigmatic appeal.


Are Tonner Dolls still relevant?

The short answer is yes. Many people inside and outside of the doll collector circle are still interested in Tonner Dolls.

Apart from Tonner connoisseurs, collecting dolls and figures has increased in popularity, with many fans wanting to acquire merchandise from their favorite franchises. This is one of the strongest reasons why Tonner has been on people’s radars. Even people who didn’t know Tonner Doll existed are purchasing Tonner dolls just to get a doll of their favorite characters.

Because of their licensed collection, Tonner Doll has the potential to appeal to a wider demographic including adults and men.


Are Toner dolls still being made?

No, unfortunately, in 2018, the Tonner Doll company closed. But the good news is that this hasn’t prevented people from buying and selling Tonner dolls. There are places including  willing to buy Tonner dolls.


Can I get cash for selling my Tonner dolls?

Yes. Selling your Tonner doll is possible and a good idea if you’re looking to get some quick, yet good cash.

Tonner dolls are very desired nowadays, especially after Tonner Inc. stopped making them.

The dolls generally sell for a price no lower than $100, and some lucky collectors have even sold their dolls for almost half a grand.

Some people have been unaware that Tonner dolls could sell for that much, but the truth is, they can, especially if it’s a licensed movie doll, a boxed one, or rare Tonner dolls.

Do you have a hidden Tonner gem you want to sell? Sell us your Tonner dolls now and get some cash for your collection!


Where to sell my Tonner doll collection

The best place to sell your Tonner dolls is right here on Sell Your Toys Now, and it’s never been easier! You can download our app to upload your product and get a quote for your doll collection, and you can also use our price quote generator to get the most accurate estimation of what your doll is worth! Questions? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Written by: Maria Alvarez

Tonner Dolls are a gem that can get you more money than you thought


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