Sell Your Toys Now Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know I can trust you?

We have been in business many years, have been trusted by thousands with their toy collections, and have stellar feedback. Please feel free to read our Google reviews and Keith and Deb’s bio on our website.

2. How does this work?

Please see our Process page. After you submit your items, then we will make an offer on the entire collection. If you choose to accept the offer, we will send you detailed instructions on how to package your items, then we will send you the shipping labels. After the items arrive at our warehouse, and we have checked them in, we will send your payment based on your preferred payment method.

3. What do you buy?

We typically buy any toy that is still new in the box with boxes in good condition. There are sometimes occasions when we will buy out of the box items, if they are highly sought after. We do not buy porcelain dolls, as they tend to break in shipping.

4. I have a Barbie or another item that the internet says is worth thousands of dollars.

  • There are many articles on the internet written for the sole purpose of getting you to click on them, so that the writer gets paid for the advertising on that page. This is called “clickbait.” Most often, the information contained in the article is not accurate.
  • Please be aware that the value of something is solely determined by what the public is willing to pay for it. Odds are, if you see your item for sale for thousands of dollars, it is a seller attempting to sell it for this price. You must only look for SOLD listings to see what people are actually paying for this item.
  • If you see your item listed or sold for $2,000, and you see another one listed or sold for $20, that’s an obvious sign that something’s not right. It could be any number of nefarious reasons, but it definitely isn’t that the higher priced one is some rare version.

5. I have a rare misprint Barbie doll

This is a common misconception. Again, don’t trust everything you read on the internet. Yes, there is a photo of the doll on the box that has a different eye color than the doll in the box, but this does not add to the value of the doll. Manufacturers often make these mistakes, do not catch the mistake until after the item has been produced, and simply choose to let it go to market this way. It does not make the item rare, as there were typically thousands produced like this.

6. Will you buy just 1 piece?

Unlike many other companies, Sell Your Toys Now pays for the shipping to get your items to us. Your collection must have enough value to cover that shipping cost. We have found that it typically takes 20 or more items; however, it depends on the value of the items.

7. I have Beanie Babies.

We ONLY buy Beanie Babies in large bulk quantities of at least 300 or more at $.50 each. We do not buy anything “rare” or “expensive”.

8. Are you local to me?

We do not have locations in every state; however, we buy toys from all over the country. We have an easy process, excellent feedback, have been in business many years, and will guide you and communicate every step of the way.

9. What’s the easiest way to send my list?

We have 4 ways that you can submit your list. Email us directly, fill out our contact form, download our app, or use our toy pricer. We feel that our app is the easiest way.

10. Who pays for shipping?

We cover the shipping cost, and we email you the shipping labels.

11. Do I really have to take pictures of everything?

Photos are not always required, however, in order to give you the most accurate price quote, we need to see the condition of the boxes, so it is best for us to see photos.

12. Do I really have to type out a list?

There is no way for us to know what you have unless we receive a list, pictures, or you use our easy app or toy pricer. We need to research each item to know what price to give you.

13. I want to get top dollar for my items.

Please keep in mind that we are not collectors. We are resellers. We are buying these items to make a profit (to support the families of our employees), so we are not going to pay what you might get from selling it yourself. Our goal is to buy your collection as a whole and take the burden off of you.

14. If you can’t buy them, can you recommend somewhere that will?

We typically recommend opening your own Ebay account or Facebook marketplace.

15. I don’t have an email address.

Please find someone who will let you use their email address. We must have an email address in order to properly communicate with you and send you shipping labels.

16. Can I text pictures to you?

You can text photos to our text number. Please call 866.669.8697 to get this number from us. Keep in mind that we prefer email for communication.

17. Can I call out my list to you over the phone?

If one of our associates spends an extended amount of time on the phone documenting what you have, it will most likely greatly decrease what we can pay you. We must have a list from you, so that we can properly research the items in your collection.

18.Do you give an itemized list of prices?

We will give you one dollar amount for the entire collection. We do not give itemized price lists.

19. I want to upload just a sample of what I have to see what you will give me. Should I do that?

Since we are looking to purchase larger collections, it is best to upload your entire collection at one time. If you upload a handful of items, you are likely to get a reply back saying that your collection is too small for us to purchase. To avoid this, please upload as many items as you can

20. Am I able to upload some items and come back to the list to add more later?

It depends on how you submitted the items. If you use our app or online toy pricer, once you have pressed submit, you cannot edit the submission. You must then create a new one with any additional items that you are submitting. Please keep in mind that we often respond within minutes of having received a submission. If you are going to have multiple submissions, it is best to write to us, and let us know ahead of time, so that we do not think that is all you have and decline the submission. keith@sellyourtoysnow.com

21. Do I get my money before I send the items to you?

Think about it: if we sent money before receiving items, how many people would then choose not to send their items or not be honest about what they are sending? On the contrary, if we do not send your payment, it would only take a few people to ruin our reputation and possibly put us out of business. Honesty, integrity, and our reputation mean more to us. Payment is sent after the items are received and verified.