Where To Sell Your Anime Figures (With Expert Tips)

How To Sell Your Anime Figures


Are you ready to elevate your anime figure selling game to new heights? We are here to guide you through the most lucrative avenues, ensuring that you not only find the best platforms but also master the art of creating buzz around your precious collection. Bid farewell to old collectibles and say hello to a world where your figures command top dollars effortlessly!

Key Takeaways


    • Sell anime figures through platforms like SellYourToysNow.com, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace to connect with engaged collectors.

    • Price figures based on rarity, condition, popularity, size, packaging, demand, and shipping costs for maximum profits.

    • Take high-quality photos with good lighting, angles, framing, resolution, and backgrounds to highlight figures’ details.

    • Protect figures by individually wrapping, bagging, using snug boxes, and utilizing padding materials like bubble wrap when shipping.

    • Promote merchandise to anime fans by utilizing social media, forums, conventions, influencers, email marketing, sales promotions, and bulk order discounts.

Where to Sell Anime Figures

1. Collectible Stores

Looking for expert appraisal and a wide selection? Visit collectible stores such as SellYourToysNow.com, the #1 resource for pricing and selling your toys safely and quickly.

Learn about popular figurines, maximize your earnings, and part ways with your collection at the best resale prices. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; use our instant anime figure pricer today and experience the value firsthand.

2. My Figure Collection (MFC)

Join a vibrant community of anime figure enthusiasts at MFC. With a focus on an extensive range of figurines, secure transactions, and a platform to list various collectibles, MFC is the ideal marketplace. Create an account today to expand your collection and connect with like-minded collectors.

3. Akiba Soul

Sell your pre-owned anime figurines after authentication at Akiba Soul. Fill out an online form, and their team will assess the value of your collection. Use the earned money to fuel your hobby and benefit from competitive prices on collectibles. Akiba Soul is your gateway to a seamless selling experience.

4. Amiami

Want a massive international audience for your figurines? List them on Amiami. As a premier online marketplace for pre-owned figurines, Amiami provides an excellent platform for sellers. Ship your anime figures worldwide and connect with buyers eagerly seeking to purchase your entire collection.

5. Crunchyroll Marketplace

Crunchyroll, known for its extensive anime streaming selection, also offers a marketplace for pre-owned merchandise. Seize the opportunity to list your adorable anime figurines and engage with potential buyers through a forum. Leverage Crunchyroll’s platform to quickly sell your collection to eager fans.

6. Reddit

Harness the power of Reddit to connect with passionate anime and figurine enthusiasts. Explore various subreddits, such as r/AnimeFigurines, to showcase your collection. Enjoy the freedom to set prices, craft special offers, and maximize profits. Reddit is a thriving community where bids roll in from like-minded individuals.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Simplify the process of selling unique products on Facebook Marketplace. Leverage the search bar to connect with buyers interested in specific products, ensuring a seamless transaction. Consider cross-posting in relevant Facebook groups to maximize your impact and align with current trends.

8. Craigslist

Explore local selling opportunities on Craigslist to avoid pricey shipping costs. Limit your reach to the general area, and utilize the “for sale” section within the “toys+games” category for anime figures. Create a simple, fast, and cost-effective listing to attract local buyers.

anime figures selling guide

Which Selling Platform Should I Use for Maximum Profitability?

So, with so many choices, you must be wondering what the best recommendation is for selling your anime figures. For the easiest, most profitable anime figure selling experience, sellers should choose SellYourToysNow.com. As the #1 recommended marketplace for anime collectors, SellYourToysNow provides enthusiastic buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for rare and mint condition figures. 

Unlike eBay and Facebook Marketplace, SellYourToysNow does not charge any listing fees, so you make more profit on each sale. The site also offers an instant toy pricer to get an immediate quote for your anime figures. 


With SellYourToysNow, you can quickly list your items in their anime-specific categories to attract targeted traffic, versus sites like eBay with broad and fragmented categories. For safety, all buyers and sellers are verified, eliminating risks with Facebook Marketplace and other platforms where users can be anonymous. 


Don’t waste time trying to sell locally in person or deal with the lowballers and tire kickers on other sites. For the most serious buyers ready to pay your asking price, choose SellYourToysNow.com.

Selling Anime Figures: Best Practices

1. Preserve Your Anime Figurines

Maintain your merchandise in pristine condition to attract collectors. Showcase the aesthetic qualities of your figurines to draw in bidders. Extra care in storage and presentation pays dividends.

2. Reward Shoppers with Exclusive Discounts

Offer exclusive discounts to incentivize customers. Provide free shipping and discounts on future orders to encourage buyers to purchase your entire collection. Bargains attract collectors looking to save.

3. Capture Stunning Images

Create captivating images that highlight each figurine. Use a DSLR or smartphone camera for vivid, clutter-free shots. Help potential customers envision the beauty of showcasing your figurines in their homes.

4. Provide Full Details

Engage buyers with detailed information about your anime figures. Include information on moving parts, size, anime franchise, and special edition status. Demonstrate your extensive knowledge to build buyer confidence.

5. Build Your Reputation

Establish a distinguished reputation by providing excellent customer service. Be communicative, secure in packaging, and prompt in shipping. Actively participate in forums, review anime figures, and share stories to build a loyal fanbase.

Is Selling Anime Figures Profitable?

Selling anime figures can indeed be a profitable venture with careful market research, quality photos, competitive pricing, effective promotion, and outstanding customer service. Explore the best places to sell your collection and follow the best practices to maximize your profits. Start your journey towards a successful anime figure store today!

How to Price Your Anime Figures for Maximum Profit

When pricing your anime figures, you need to consider several factors to maximize your profits. Examine the rarity of the figure by looking at production numbers and current availability. Rare, limited edition figurines can be priced 20-50% above original retail value. Also inspect conditions closely, as figures in pristine, unopened state will fetch higher prices. 


Grade your items on a scale from A to C based on condition. Another aspect is popularity – figures of popular characters and shows tend to resell for more. Compare completed listings of similarly popular figurines when pricing. Additionally, larger scale sizes like 1/4 can command higher prices than smaller scales like 1/8. If you still have the original packaging, make sure to include this detail in descriptions and increase the price up to 20%. 


Check demand in collector communities, and adjust pricing accordingly if many people are seeking a particular character. Finally, factor in shipping costs when pricing, especially for international buyers.

How to Take Captivating Photos to Sell Your Anime Collection

Taking eye-catching photos is essential for attracting buyers and getting top dollar for your anime figures. Use natural lighting near windows for vivid colors and minimal shadows. Position figures on a neutral, subtle background like a plain white poster board to avoid clutter. 


Take shots from multiple angles – front, back, sides, close-ups of faces – to capture all details. Use a tripod for clear, sharp images without blurriness. Frame figures centered without cutting them off, leaving more space in front. Shoot in the highest resolution camera settings for crisp images. 


Edit photos to optimize lighting and remove imperfections. For more visually appealing shots, photograph figures against matching backgrounds like blue for water themes. Take overview shots of groups plus individual close-ups. Maintain consistency in backdrop, angles, and style across listings for a cohesive look.

How to Safely Package and Ship Your Figures

Proper packaging and shipping protects your valuable anime figures. Individually wrap each figure in tissue or bubble wrap to prevent scratches and damage. For additional protection, place wrapped figurines in plastic bags or poly bags to safeguard from moisture. 


Pack figures snugly in appropriately sized boxes with padding material filling empty space. Reinforce boxes with ample packing tape around all edges and seams. Use small boxes or bubble wrap tubes to isolate and pad fragile parts like swords. 


Label packages “Fragile” and indicate if containing glass. Include padded dividers, air bags, or crumpled paper between multiple figures. For expensive items, ship individually and obtain insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation.

How to Maximize Profits Selling to Anime and Figure Fans

Promoting to the anime collector community is key for driving profits. Create social media accounts exclusively for your merchandise business to engage fans. Actively participate and share links in anime collecting forums and groups. 


Attend local conventions to network – bring promotional materials. Collaborate with anime reviewers by sending free product samples. Run giveaways requiring participants to follow and share your listings. Use email marketing to inform subscribers of new inventory and special offers. 


Analyze sales data to identify and stock up on popular series. Time promotions around new releases, holidays, and events. Offer multi-item and bulk purchase discounts to incentivize bigger spending.

Using Social Media to Buy, Sell, and Discuss Anime Figures

Social media presents excellent opportunities for engaging with anime collectors to buy, sell, and discuss beloved figures. On Instagram, follow and network with major figure manufacturers, popular anime artists, retailers, and fellow collectors. 


Hashtags like #animefigures and #figurine allow you to discover treasured pieces and limited editions. Use Instagram Stories for real time updates at conventions, new figure previews, sales promotions, and Q&As. Similarly, subreddits like r/AnimeFigures enable conversations, appraisals, price checks, and aftermarket sales. 


YouTube hosts dedicated anime figure reviewers who provide close inspection, unboxings, photographic tips, and resell advice. TikTok’s short video format is ideal for figure rotation videos showing off your collection’s details. 


Facebook Groups unite collectors locally and globally to trade their holy grails. Leverage Discord anime figurine servers to be first in line for coveted preorders. Across all platforms, consistently engage to build your reputation and unlock VIP access.

Wrapping It Up

Sellers should avoid listing their anime figures on eBay.com due to the site’s notoriously high selling fees that eat away at profits. They charge an excessive 10% transaction fee on top of a 2% processing fee per sale, significantly more than competitors. 


The site also lacks key features for sellers such as detailed analytics on listing views and item performance. Listings only remain active for 30 days before requiring reposting, which is burdensome compared to other sites. 


In conclusion, a world of possibilities exists for anime figure sellers targeting engaged collectors worldwide. Following best practices for photographing, pricing, packaging, and promoting your collection will ensure you unlock the full value. Do diligent research to navigate the intricacies of the secondary market. cherry-pick the ideal sales platforms that align with your collection’s strengths and your business goals. 


Network with fellow enthusiasts to exchange knowledge and forge connections. With dedication to your craft, your prized anime figures can transform from hobby to thriving enterprise.