Best Place To Sell Star Wars Toys and Action Figures

Selling Star Wars Toys and Action figures guide

Star Wars toys and action figures can be highly valuable collectibles, especially if they are rare vintage items or still in the original packaging. For collectors and Star Wars fans looking to sell their collectibles, choosing the right marketplace is key to getting top dollar. The best places to sell Star Wars toys and action figures are specialty auction houses, collector forums and marketplaces, local comic book stores, and online platforms like eBay.


Best Places to Sell Star Wars Collectibles.

Toy Buyers – SellYourToysNow.com

The best option is selling directly to toy and collectible buyers like us at SellYourToysNow.com. We purchase a wide selection of new and used Star Wars toys and figures for top dollar. Benefits of selling to toy buyers include:


  • Free valuation and prepaid shipping – We provide quotes and provide shipping labels for free.

  • Speed and convenience – Our team handles photography, listings, and sales so you can cash out fast.

  • Competitive payouts – We pay highly competitive rates based on condition and demand. Rare and vintage sets pay the most.

  • Direct payouts – Once we receive your toys, payouts are issued quickly, avoiding marketplace payment holds.


By streamlining the entire selling process, you can conveniently liquidate your Star Wars collection for cash with minimal effort.

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At Sell Your Toys Now, we remove the complication from selling your dolls, toys, and action figures. If you have a vintage toy collection in good condition, and you want to earn money from that investment, reach out to our team today.

How To Sell Your Star Wars Toys Fast With Us


Step 1: CONNECT: Let us know what Star Wars sets or collections you have.

We have many options. You can call, email, use our app, submit photos, submit a list, or use our toy pricer. This will give us a better idea of what you’re selling. 


Step 2: GET A QUOTE: Receive a quote from Sell Your Toys Now.

Within two business days, our staff will evaluate your collection and respond to you with an offer to buy your toy collection.


Step 3: SEND & GET PAID: Ship your collection to receive payment.

If you are satisfied with our quote, you can accept the offer. We will then send you detailed instructions on how to package and ship your items. 


We pay for the shipping and provide shipping labels. Once your items are checked in at our warehouse, you should receive payment within 48 hours. We pay via check, Venmo, or PayPal.

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Specialty Auction Houses

For truly rare and valuable Star Wars items, specialty auction houses like Profiles in History, Julien’s Auctions, and Heritage Auctions can fetch high prices from serious collectors. These prestigious auction houses cater specifically to pop culture collectors and have experience valuing and marketing rare sci-fi and movie memorabilia. For example, an ultra-rare prototype Boba Fett action figure sold for over $185,000 at Profiles in History in 2019. 


The global reach of these auction houses attracts deep-pocketed collectors and drives up bidding wars. Consigning top-tier Star Wars collectibles with a reputable auction house ensures maximum exposure and competitive bidding. The downside is high seller’s fees, strict quality control, and long wait times until auction.

Tips for Consigning with Auction Houses

  • Have items appraised to prove authenticity and condition

  • Highlight any unique prototypes, pre-production items, unused merchandise

  • Make sure items are in excellent, grade-able condition

  • Consign 6-12 months before auction date

  • Expect to pay 20-50% in seller’s commissions

Collector Forums and Marketplaces

For more common Star Wars toys in average condition, collector forums like RebelScum, JediTempleArchives, and ActionFigure411 connect sellers directly with engaged buyers. Many forums have classifieds sections specifically for buying and selling action figures. The shared passion and expertise in the collector community leads to fair pricing for both vintage and modern Star Wars toys.


Large online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon also have dedicated Star Wars collecting segments. Facebook groups and collector pages are active communities to advertise toys for competitive rates. These collector-focused platforms offer lower fees and quicker sales than auction houses. But sellers need to accurately describe, price and photograph items to appeal to discerning buyers.

Tips for Selling on Collector Forums

  • Research prices thoroughly and price competitively

  • Post clear, detailed photos from all angles in natural lighting

  • Note all imperfections, defects, or missing pieces in description

  • Consider having rare/valuable items professionally appraised

  • Offer reasonable shipping costs based on weight and distance

  • Use PayPal invoices for seller protection

Local Comic Book Stores

Many comic book stores also deal in collectible toys, signed memorabilia, and rare merch. Long-running independent stores have strong relationships with collectors and can identify rare finds. 


Stores may buy collections or consign high-value items. Comic stores are best for sellers who want immediate payment and want to avoid the risks of shipping delicate items. However, this convenience comes at a trade-off, as sellers will earn a smaller percentage versus online sales or auctions. Stores also tend to scrutinize condition and rarity closely when making offers, so pristine condition raises value.

Tips for Selling to Comic Stores

  • Call ahead and ask if they purchase Star Wars collections

  • Bring a detailed inventory list with estimated values

  • Clean items thoroughly and repair any damage or wear

  • Expect offers to be 30-50% below market prices

  • Consider consigning ultra-rare items instead of selling outright

  • Ask about commission rates and timeframes before consigning


As one of the largest online marketplaces, eBay offers an enormous buyer pool for Star Wars collectors. Both common figures and hard-to-find items can gain bidding traction on eBay. The site’s security features like feedback ratings help buyers trust unknown sellers. 


eBay also handles item listings, payment processing, and shipping logistics for a reasonable cut. But competition is fierce, requiring competitive pricing, compelling photos, and detailed descriptions to stand out. Diligent monitoring of listings is vital to answer buyer questions promptly. Patience is also key as eBay sales can take weeks to complete.

Tips for Selling Star Wars Toys on eBay

  • Research completed listings to accurately price items

  • Write detailed titles and descriptions highlighting rarity

  • Take clear, well-lit photos showing all sides and angles

  • Consider starting bids below market value to attract attention

  • Offer expedited shipping options at reasonable rates

  • Respond quickly to buyer inquiries and resolve issues promptly

  • Pack items securely with tracking number and appropriate insurance

Facebook Marketplace

For sellers looking for local buyers, Facebook Marketplace connects with collectors in your own community. Easy listing creation, no fees, and integrated payment processing make Marketplace appealing. 


Vintage Kenner toys and limited modern exclusives get attention from area Star Wars fans. The major advantage of Facebook Marketplace is instant access to thousands of local buyers. But sellers have to be comfortable with strangers coming to their home or meeting publicly to complete transactions. Always exercise caution when meeting Marketplace buyers in person.

Tips for Using Facebook Marketplace

  • Create detailed listings with clear category tags like “Star Wars Figures”

  • Add photos that showcase clearly the items and any defects

  • Set prices based on average local sale prices, not highest online valuations

  • Consider offering lower prices for buyers willing to pick-up items versus shipping

  • Arrange safe, public meeting spots like police stations to complete sales

  • Accept payments through Facebook checkout for purchase protection


Selling Directly to Other Collectors

One of the best ways to get top dollar for rare and mint condition Star Wars toys is to sell directly to other die-hard collectors. Avid collectors are often seeking specific high-value items to fill holes in their own collections and are willing to pay premium prices for pieces in pristine shape. 


Selling directly cuts out auctions and retail markups. Finding other collectors interested in buying Star Wars toys can be done through attending sci-fi and comic conventions, connecting with local Star Wars collecting clubs, and joining buy/sell/trade groups on social media.

When selling directly to collectors, take detailed photos of all angles and be transparent about any flaws or defects. Provide complete version information and be ready to show certification of authenticity if needed. 



Many collectors enjoy hearing the backstory on rare finds, so share details on how long pieces have been in your collection. Collectors will expect near-retail pricing for boxed items but may pay above market for truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Take time to build trust and only accept secure payment methods. Direct collector sales take more effort but yield the highest returns.

Selling to Online Toy Stores

Well-established online toy stores like BigBadToyStore, EntEarth, and Dorkside Toys are reliable outlets to sell newer Star Wars figures, vehicles, and playsets. These retailers cater specifically to collectors and are trusted vendors in the Star Wars community. 

They often pay wholesale rates to purchase toys directly from collectors looking to clear out collections. The benefits of selling to online toy shops are fast quotes, prompt payments, and reaching their built-in customer base.

To get the best offers, make sure items are 100% complete with all accessories, unopened in original packaging. Boxes should be in good shape with no major wear. Showcase the condition clearly in pictures. Research the average resale value on the items so you can assess if the offer is fair. 

Online toy stores need to profit on resale, so their offers will be 30-50% below the eBay prices collectors might pay. But you save on eBay fees and the risk of damaged items. For bulk lots or large collections, online toy retailers can make convenient one-stop purchases.

Utilizing Consignment Shops

For collectors looking to hand off the work of selling their Star Wars items, consignment shops can be a simple solution. The consignment store handles tasks like photographing, listing online, coordinating pickups, and mailing out orders. In exchange for this service, they take a percentage of the final sale price, usually around 40-50%.

Local toy, comic book, and hobby stores often have consignment programs. Larger consignment e-tailers like ToyWiz and Brian’s Toys accept shipped consignments nationwide.

When consigning, choose a store that caters to pop culture collectors, not general antique consignment which lack specialty knowledge. 

Send clear inventories and photos of items to confirm they accept them. Make sure to agree upfront on the split percentage and time period for sale. Consignment means you have to wait for items to sell before earning money back. But consignment frees you from actively having to market and ship toys yourself. For large or estate-level collections, reputable consignment simplifies liquidation.

Using Craigslist and Local Classifieds

For sellers looking for a quick, convenient local sale, Craigslist and newspaper classifieds can connect with nearby buyers. 

These traditional platforms remain popular options for buying and selling used items. Craigslist has an active toys and collectibles category in most metro areas. Local papers often include collectors looking to buy categories. 

The benefit of Craigslist and classified ads is leveraging your existing community. Buyers who can inspect toys in person are often more confident purchasing through these platforms.

When creating listings, note exactly which toys you are selling, their original release date, key features, franchise, and any defects. Add clear, well-lit photos to generate interest. Maintain a detailed inventory as pieces sell. Expect to receive very lowball offers that can likely be negotiated up.

Be extremely cautious meeting strangers through these platforms. Meet in daylight, in public, with others present. For rare high-dollar items, vet buyers thoroughly beforehand. Payment in cash is standard for local classified sales. Though slower than online sales, local ads can unlock value from toys sitting in your closet.

Attending Toy Shows and Conventions

Attending toy shows, conventions, and collecting events allows sellers to display Star Wars items to engaged audiences. The excitement and nostalgia of conventions makes buyers more inclined to indulge their fandoms. 

Setting up a booth or sales table at a reputable convention exposes collections to ideal demographics. Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration, and ToyCon offer prime selling opportunities. Even smaller local sci-fi and toy shows draw enthusiastic crowds. The social interactions and bargaining create an old-school flea market feel.

Display pieces neatly and prominently with labels and prices. Bring business cards to easily exchange info with potential buyers. Prepare to negotiate and be flexible on pricing. High foot traffic raises visibility for rare items not often seen. 

Consider previewing prices online then offering 10% off at the event. Build rapport by sharing knowledge and discussing favorite characters and ships. Explain any scarcities or unique attributes that add value. 

Take payment in multiple secure forms. Gather guest list contacts to follow up afterwards on unsold pieces. Attending 2-3 conventions per year can liquidate large portions of collections.

Selling Directly to Toy Companies

On very rare occasions, collectors with highly valuable prototypes or pre-production items can reach out directly to toy companies like Hasbro. For significant pieces related to toy history, companies themselves may purchase toys for their archives.

 Very unique items can also be licensed for reproduction. Do extensive research ahead of time to properly identify ultra-rare items. Consult Hasbro and Lucasfilm historians first to authenticate origins before contacting the companies. Be transparent about how the prototypes or test samples were acquired.

Lead with your most impressive, rarest examples when querying companies, like unreleased figures or scrapped vehicle concepts. Prepare a professional pitch highlighting importance to Star Wars toy history. Be ready to have pieces analyzed in person by studio archivists. 

Be flexible on time frames as studios move slowly on acquisitions. Don’t expect to earn collector market value. But for certain pieces, placement in official archives can be worthwhile. Having a toy immortalized and displayed at Lucasfilm or Hasbro is the ultimate honor for Star Wars collectors.

Considering Toy Buyback and Liquidation Companies

For giant Star Wars toy collections valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, specialty toy liquidation companies like The Toy Scout, Toy Shark, and Toy Monetizer offer direct bulk purchases. 

These businesses buy out entire massive toy estates and storage units to resell at a profit. Sellers can expect to earn about 30-50% of overall secondary market value by selling collections in their entirety. While not top dollar, liquidators simplify offloading hefty investments accrued over decades in one transaction.

Be transparent about any condition issues or missing pieces when presenting collections for liquidation. Expect extensive verification of rarities. Take time to systematically organize and inventory pieces rather than dumping containers.

Highlight unique prototypes and pre-production samples that could have historical significance. The more effort you put into organizing, the easier it is for buyers to assess value. While emotional at first, liquidating entire accumulations allows you to see your beloved pieces go to fellow fans who cherish them.

Maximizing Value Through Hybrid Approaches

Savvy Star Wars toy sellers use hybrid approaches to maximize profits on collections of all sizes. Key pieces with high price tags can be individually consigned at top auction houses. Bulk lots of common figures work well for quick sale on Facebook Marketplace locally. Rare high-end items might be directly brokered to avid collectors. 

Damaged or incomplete toys get grouped for fair rates to online toy stores. Taking time to categorize based on value and rarity allows choosing the best platforms that yield premium prices for those specific items. 

A mix of options reduces risk while still capturing maximum return across your collection. Patience also pays off when gradually liquidating a collection over months and years to find each toy’s perfect buyer. Just like a balanced Jedi uses all abilities, combining selling strategies leads to the most success selling off valuable Star Wars collections.


Selling Star Wars toys and collectibles can be extremely lucrative, especially for rare and coveted items. Finding the right marketplace brings fair prices or even premium valuations for the most prized pieces. 

Specialty auction houses handle ultra-rare finds at high commissions. Collector forums and marketplaces efficiently connect sellers with engaged buyers for fair value. Local comic shops provide quick cash at a discount for collections. Broad online platforms like eBay provide enormous exposure despite fierce competition.

 Facebook Marketplace allows sellers to connect with local buyers. Each venue has advantages and trade-offs. But choosing the marketplace that aligns with your collection’s value and rarity remains the key factor for Star Wars collectors looking to sell their pieces and profit from their passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors increase a Star Wars toy’s value and sales price?

Rarity, age/vintage status, production errors, mint in box condition, unopened packaging, limited runs, prototypes, and unique merchandise history can greatly increase value for Star Wars toys. Popular characters like Boba Fett also command higher prices.

Should I get my Star Wars toys professionally appraised before selling?

For exceptionally rare items or large collections worth over $10,000, professional appraisals can verify authenticity and provide fair value estimates. For common toys, researching completed listings gives a good price benchmark.

What information should I include when listing Star Wars toys for sale?

Detailed descriptions of the item, character names, manufacturer, year, any defects, original packaging status, photos from all angles, and clear pricing/shipping costs help buyers make informed decisions.

How should I package and ship fragile Star Wars collectibles?

Carefully wrap figures in bubble wrap and packing paper to avoid any movement inside the box. Use strong corrugated boxes, not soft envelopes. Add padding on all sides and mark the box “Fragile.”

Is it safe to meet Facebook Marketplace or local buyers in person when selling toys?

Take reasonable safety precautions like meeting in daylight in public spaces like police stations. Do not invite strangers into your home. Consider bringing someone with you. Trust your instincts.