How To Sell Funko Pops - All You Need To Know

How to sell your funko pops

Funko Pops are highly collectible vinyl figures that have become insanely popular over the last decade. With prices ranging from just a few dollars to tens of thousands for the rarest pieces, Funko Pops offer hobbyists and collectors an affordable and exciting way to indulge their passion. 


As interest continues to skyrocket worldwide, many fans are now looking to sell parts or all of their collections for profit. If you’re hoping to tap into this lucrative market, this comprehensive guide reveals everything you need to know about successfully selling your Funko Pops.


To get the highest dollar for your Funko Pops, first pinpoint the rare and prized ones. Then use SellYourToysNow.com, which offers superior prices compared to other outlets. You can also opt for eBay or Facebook Marketplace, though their lower fees mean less profit per sale.

Best Place to Sell Your Funko Pops

Toy Buyers – SellYourToysNow.com

The best option is selling directly to toy and collectible buyers like us at SellYourToysNow.com. We purchase a wide selection of new and used Funko Pops for top dollar. Benefits of selling to toy buyers include:


  • Free valuation and prepaid shipping – We provide quotes and provide shipping labels for free.

  • Speed and convenience – Our team handles photography, listings, and sales so you can cash out fast.

  • Competitive payouts – We pay highly competitive rates based on condition and demand. Rare and vintage sets pay the most.

  • Direct payouts – Once we receive your toys, payouts are issued quickly, avoiding marketplace payment holds.


By streamlining the entire selling process, you can conveniently liquidate your Funko Pop collection for cash with minimal effort.

Sell Your Funko Pops at Sell Your Toys Now

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How To Sell Your Funko Pops Fast With Us


Step 1: CONNECT: Let us know what Funko Pops you want to sell.

We have many options. You can email, use our app, submit photos, submit a list, or use our toy pricer. This will give us a better idea of what you’re selling. 


Step 2: GET A QUOTE: Receive a quote from Sell Your Toys Now.

Within two business days, our staff will evaluate your collection and respond to you with an offer to buy your toy collection.


Step 3: SEND & GET PAID: Ship your collection to receive payment.

If you are satisfied with our quote, you can accept the offer. We will then send you detailed instructions on how to package and ship your items. 


We pay for the shipping and provide shipping labels. Once your items are checked in at our warehouse, you should receive payment within 48 hours. We pay via check, Venmo, or PayPal


Determining Your Funko Pops’ Value

The first step to selling Funko Pops is determining their current market value, as prices can vary widely and change rapidly in response to new releases, vaultings, media events, and more. Start by identifying which Pops you own and checking recent sold listings for those figures on eBay and other Funko communities. 


You can receive an immediate quote from us by going HERE.


Alternatively, sources like Pop Price Guide offer price histories and rarity info. 


For extremely rare or valuable Pops (e.g. SDCC exclusives), consider having them professionally appraised. This research empowers you to set accurate asking prices and spot undervalued gems.

Authenticating and Protecting Your Pops

Once you’ve identified items of significant value, it’s critical that you authenticate them before listing for sale. Counterfeit Funko products are increasingly common, and you need proof yours are genuine. 


Check for the official Funko branding, including copyright markings on the box and product stamps like “Funko” and the year of production on the figure. 


For very rare items, buyers may request additional photographs of stamps and markings — having these images ready can help expedite sales. You’ll also want to protect your rare finds by storing them securely in soft protector cases or hard stacks. 



Never handle or display them outside their boxes if possible. These measures prove to buyers you’re a serious seller they can trust.

pop funko

Photographing Your Funko Pops Like a Pro

Great photos are absolutely key when selling Funko Pops online. After all, buyers can’t inspect the items in person first. Your pictures need to accurately convey the condition of both the figure and packaging. 


Take photos in indirect natural lighting, avoiding shadows or glare from bright overhead bulbs. Every angle of the box should be captured, highlighting any flaws, and you’ll want close ups of stamps, signatures, and more. 


Arrange pops neatly against a clean, solid backdrop. For groups of lesser value pops, photograph in organized rows. Edit images lightly for brightness/contrast, but never alter or obscure actual condition. Good photos bolster buyer confidence tremendously.

Picking Your Marketplaces and Listing Strategically

Now you’re ready to connect your accurately valued, protected and photographed Funko Pops with eager buyers around the globe through online marketplaces. 


Top options for sellers include eBay, Mercari and Facebook’s Funko trading groups. Evaluate fees, audience size, listing lifespan and transaction protection offered. 


Check recent sold listings on each platform to gauge typical pricing levels currently. Draft your title lead with the exclusive name, convention year and number for exclusives.


 Use descriptive keywords focused on condition and characteristics. Set auction style listings for extremely rare items expected to see competitive bidding, while common pieces do better as Buy It Nows. Reinvest proceeds to keep expanding your Funko venture, while protecting inventory in safe soft protector cases and pop stacks!

Shipping Funko Pops Safely and Affordably

A key step that Funko Pop sellers often underestimate is how properly packing and shipping the fragile collectibles impacts both buyer satisfaction and your overhead. Arm yourself with essential shipping supplies – bubble wrap, air cushions, pop protectors and strong cardboard boxes that won’t crush. 


Wrap each Funko carefully to avoid damage in transit. Choose UPS, FedEx or USPS service levels that balance cost, speed and tracking. 


Many buyers will request added shipping protection like signature confirmation for expensive Funko auction wins over $200. Offer quick handling and delivery with tracking. 


This superior customer service earns you great reviews. Become an expert at shipping these precious vinyl figures affordably worldwide through major carriers and you’ll build a thriving Funko sales enterprise.

Grow Your Funko Business with Inventory Systems

Once you’re regularly selling Funko Pops online, you’ll need to organize all the vital details around your inventory, sales channels and shipments. 


Printable checklists, logs and spreadsheets help track what you have listed where, prices, product IDs, photos, descriptions and all associated fees. 


Note what’s in your personal collection versus the resale pipeline. Monitoring profits and potential tax deductions gets easier too. Some resellers invest in barcode scanners and inventory management software. 


This infrastructure supports expanding your Funko venture far beyond just selling unwanted pieces from your collection into an ongoing business fueling your collecting passion.

Networking & Learning from Fellow Funko Sellers

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of entering the Funko Pop sales world is connecting with fellow collectors just as passionate as you are. 


Seek out online Funko selling communities like the Funatic Trader Facebook group and r/funkopop on Reddit. Follow major YouTubers and influencers like SkittleBrau and Big Apple Collectibles. 


Vend at conventions when possible for direct buyer interactions. Learn to spot counterfeits, value vaulted Grails and debate controversial subjects like signature verification. Share your own hard-earned selling insights and product showcases after just a few big sales. 


Funko selling brings together so many kindred spirits around this vibrant pop culture collecting craze.

Continuing Your Funko Pop Selling Journey

Selling Funko Pops taps you into a thriving, hugely passionate community excited to hunt down rare exclusives, debate their intricate merits and display their expansive collections. 


Many dedicated sellers even spin their Funko obsession into full-time online sales businesses supporting their family and funding ever-larger personal Funko Grail quests. 


This detailed overview illuminates everything from valuing your pops accurately to listing them advantageously across top marketplaces to affordably shipping them in secure protectors.

Pricing Funko Pops Profitably on eBay

eBay’s massive global audience makes it a top platform for Funko Pop sellers, but with so much competition, shrewd pricing strategies are vital. Check Completed Listings under Filters to see average sale prices for each figure. 


Note regional price differences – Asia’s markets often value exclusives higher. If mint-in-box, start prices at the Pop Price Guide value or slightly above recent sales. For opened figures, deduct 20-40%.


Consider both fixed price and auction formats. Buy It Now listings give buyers simplicity with the tradeoff of less seller control. Auctions create excitement and competition which can drive up closing bids substantially. 


Price your common Funko Pops in the low range to attract watchers then maximize shipping margins. Set reserves on valuable exclusives. List with 7-day durations ending Sundays when most collectors browse.


Factor shipping costs into your sales goals. Charge actual shipping on commons since margins are thin and offer free shipping on pricier exclusives. International shipping opens up huge new Funko fan markets but has customs risks buyers must consider. Provide fast handling and tracking. Reinvest to list more Funkos quickly.

Selling Funko Grails & Rares through Facebook Groups

Funko collecting’s most passionate fans gather in Facebook Groups like Funatic Trader which top 170K members. The highly engaged community and admin authentication make it ideal for showcasing rare Grails and exclusives worth $500+. 


Post your pristine Metallic Whis exclusive OOB asking $650 OBO. Get quotes from elite collectors and auction bids from battling fans.


The format allows display of many detailed photos so serious buyers can inspect closely for damage or wear. Show figures held at angles that show off number stamps proving authenticity. Capture unique characteristics like special signed bottoms. Provide images of boxes noting any imperfections. Trust is mandatory when dealing in high value Funkos.


Payment and shipping expectations need defining upfront before an admin approves your listing. Require immediate Paypal upon purchase agreement. Charge actual FedEx rates and signature tracking for protection. 


Message buyers proactively with updates to build rapport. Thank them publicly upon positive feedback and relist if deal falls through. This community-vetting gives confidence you won’t get scammed selling pricey Grails here.

Attending Conventions to Buy, Trade and Profit

Attending nearby comic and pop culture conventions represents an exciting chance to intersect directly with fellow collectors while acquiring inventory to flip. Smaller local events often have far better prices than huge events like SDCC where shelf-clearing dealers dominate. 


Arrive early each day and target seller booths with fresh hauls. Inspect boxes closely and negotiate 10-20% off asking prices. Late Sunday as vendors pack up can yield screaming bargains that resell easily online.


Mingling with cosplay crowds also uncovers hidden gems, as average fans often underestimate the value of the exclusives they patiently waited hours in line for. 


Offer cash on the spot. Building relationships with other regular attendees can alert you to last minute popup booth additions where dealers with limited stock sell at deep discounts simply to avoid packing inventory back home.


Of course the core value of attending cons comes through building community with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for all things Funko. 


Friendly in-person conversations forge bonds and trust that often convert to ongoing online sales partnerships down the road. Never underestimate the value of real time bonding among collectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my Funko Pops are authentic?

Check for official Funko branding markings on the boxes and product stamps on the figures themselves, like “Funko” and the year of production. Closely compare yours to confirmed genuine versions. Request additional images of stamps from sellers.

What is the most valuable Funko Pop ever sold?

As of late 2023, the most expensive Funko Pop sale ever recorded is the original SDCC 2000 Metaluna Mutant Vinyl Idolz prototype, which realized an incredible $96,000 in an online eBay auction. Ultra-rare, early Funko products can achieve astronomical prices.

Is there a trick to photographing Funko Pops perfectly?

Use indirect natural lighting, clean solid backdrops, organize rows uniformly and take detailed shots capturing every angle and any flaws or signatures. Bring out true colors and details accurately, but never digitally alter actual conditions. Good photos build buyer trust and get sales.

What supplies do I need to ship Funkos safely?

Protect in soft plastic cases or hard stacks, wrap carefully in bubble wrap, use strong small cardboard boxes, and choose UPS/FedEx services with tracking based on item value and buyer delivery expectations. Affordable specialty supplies keep your fragile shipments undamaged.

Can I buy inventory in bulk specifically to resell for profit?


Absolutely – sourcing sealed cases of current exclusives and rare vaulted Grails to flip can become a full-time business supporting your collecting passion. Start small, track profits diligently, network with fellow flippers, and continually expand your Funko venture.