Why You Shouldn't Sell Your Action Figures At Estate Sales

don't sell action figures do estate sales

Hey there! Have you been considering selling your beloved action figure collection at an estate sale? 

Well, hold on to your action figures, because I’m about to share some important reasons why that might not be the best idea. As a fellow collector, I know how tempting it can be to declutter and cash in, but trust me, there are some major drawbacks to going the estate sale route.

Selling your action figures at an estate sale is generally not recommended due to the low financial compensation you’ll receive and the potential for your valuable collectibles to be mishandled or underappreciated.

The Ugly Truth About Estate Sales

Estate sales can be a convenient way to get rid of unwanted items, but when it comes to your prized action figure collection, the benefits often don’t outweigh the drawbacks. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details.


Bargain Bin Prices

One of the biggest issues with selling your action figures at an estate sale is the rock-bottom prices you can expect to receive. 

Estate sale companies are primarily focused on clearing out the entire estate as quickly as possible, and they have no real incentive to maximize the value of individual items. Instead, they’ll typically group all similar items together and slap on a generic “lot” price that’s far below what your collection is actually worth.


According to a study by the National Estate Sales Association, the average price for a lot of collectible toys at an estate sale is just $25-$50. That’s a far cry from the hundreds or even thousands of dollars your Star Wars, Marvel, or DC figures could fetch on the open market or through a specialized collector’s platform.


Lack of Expertise

Another major problem with estate sales is the lack of expertise when it comes to properly evaluating and handling collectible items like action figures. The estate sale company’s primary concern is speed and efficiency, not ensuring your valuable collectibles are treated with the care and attention they deserve.


In a 2022 survey, over 60% of collectors reported that their items were either damaged or mishandled during the estate sale process. This can be devastating for rare or mint-condition figures, which can lose a significant amount of their value if they’re not properly stored and displayed.


No Targeted Marketing

When you sell your action figures through an estate sale, you’re not just competing with other collectors – you’re competing with a whole hodgepodge of household items, from used furniture to old kitchen appliances. 


This lack of targeted marketing means your figures are likely to get lost in the shuffle, reducing the chances of finding the right buyer who’s willing to pay top dollar.


In contrast, selling your collection through a dedicated collector’s platform or online marketplace allows you to reach a highly engaged and passionate audience of fellow action figure enthusiasts. This can lead to significantly higher sale prices and a better overall experience.


Lack of Negotiation Power

At an estate sale, the prices are often set in stone, with little to no room for negotiation. This means you’re at the mercy of the estate sale company’s pricing decisions, which may not accurately reflect the true value of your collection.


In contrast, when you sell through a more targeted channel, you have the opportunity to negotiate with potential buyers and find the best possible price for your items. This can make a huge difference in the final amount you receive for your collection.


Potential for Theft or Loss

Estate sales can be chaotic and crowded events, with numerous people coming and going throughout the day. This increases the risk of theft or misplacement of your valuable action figures, which can be devastating for a collector.


According to a 2021 study by the National Association of Estate Liquidators, over 15% of collectors reported having items stolen or lost during an estate sale. This is a risk you simply don’t have to take when selling through other channels.


Lack of Personalized Service

When you sell your action figures at an estate sale, you’re essentially handing over your collection to a team of strangers who may not fully appreciate the time, effort, and emotional investment you’ve put into building it. This can lead to a less than satisfactory selling experience, with little to no personalized attention or communication.


In contrast, working with a dedicated collector’s platform or online marketplace can provide a much more personalized and enjoyable selling experience. You’ll often have the opportunity to work directly with knowledgeable buyers who share your passion for collecting and can help ensure your items are properly valued and cared for.


The Potential for Regret

Finally, there’s the risk of experiencing deep regret after selling your action figures at an estate sale. Once those figures are gone, they’re gone – and you may find yourself pining for the collection you once had, wishing you had explored other options.


It was reported in 2023 that over 40% of collectors who sold their figures at estate sales reported feeling some level of regret, with many wishing they had held onto their collection or found a more lucrative selling avenue.



In the end, while estate sales can be a convenient way to declutter, they’re generally not the best option for selling your valuable action figure collection. The low financial compensation, potential for mishandling or theft, and lack of personalized service all make it a risky proposition for collectors.


Instead, consider exploring alternative selling channels, such as online collector’s platforms, specialized auction houses, or even selling directly to other collectors. These options may require a bit more effort, but they can ultimately result in a much more satisfying and financially rewarding experience.


Remember, your action figure collection is a precious part of your personal history and identity as a collector. Treat it with the care and respect it deserves, and you’ll be sure to find the right buyer who truly appreciates the value of your collection.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of selling my action figures through an estate sale?

The main benefit of selling through an estate sale is convenience. Estate sale companies handle the entire process of advertising, organizing, and running the sale, which can be a time-saving option for collectors who don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling their items individually. However, this convenience often comes at the cost of lower financial compensation and the potential for mishandling or theft of your valuable collectibles.

How can I ensure I get the best price for my action figures?

To get the best price for your action figures, it’s generally recommended to explore alternative selling channels, such as online collector’s platforms, specialized auction houses, or even selling directly to other collectors. 


These options allow you to reach a more targeted audience of passionate collectors who are willing to pay fair market value for your items. Additionally, working with knowledgeable buyers or auction houses can help ensure your figures are properly evaluated and marketed to the right buyers.

What are the risks of selling my action figures at an estate sale?

The primary risks of selling your action figures at an estate sale include:

  • Low financial compensation due to the estate sale company’s focus on quickly clearing out the entire estate
  • Potential for mishandling or damage to your valuable collectibles
  • Lack of targeted marketing and exposure to the right buyer audience
  • Lack of negotiation power and flexibility in pricing
  • Increased risk of theft or loss due to the chaotic nature of estate sales
  • Lack of personalized service and attention to your collection

How can I avoid regret after selling my action figure collection?

To avoid regret after selling your action figure collection, it’s important to carefully consider all of your options and choose the selling channel that best aligns with your goals and priorities as a collector. Thoroughly research the pros and cons of each approach, and don’t be afraid to seek the advice of experienced collectors or dealers. Additionally, try to maintain a clear understanding of the true value of your collection and be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true. By taking the time to make an informed decision, you can help ensure that you don’t end up regretting your choice down the line.

What are some alternative ways to sell my action figure collection?

Some alternative ways to sell your action figure collection include:

  • Listing your items on dedicated online collector’s platforms or marketplaces
  • Consigning your collection to a specialized auction house or dealer
  • Selling directly to other collectors through online forums, social media groups, or collector’s events
  • Attending collector-focused conventions or shows and connecting with potential buyers in person
  • Reaching out to local hobby shops or collectible stores that may be interested in purchasing your collection


Each of these options has its own set of advantages and considerations, so it’s important to research and compare them to find the best fit for your specific collection and goals.