Sell your toys now


Thank you for accepting our offer.

Deb and I are grateful that you chose to sell your collection to us.

Please watch the video and follow the instructions below.

Pack your items in strong double-wall boxes. If this is a small collection, please use the smallest box possible. If it is a larger collection that will take more than one box, please use Large Boxes (approx 24x18x18) which can be purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Do not use Extra Large boxes as it will greatly increase the shipping cost and could lower your payout. You may use boxes you already have, but they must be heavy duty and cannot be larger than 24x18x18. Please use as few boxes as possible. Do not use single-wall boxes, like U-haul moving boxes. 

You MUST use heavy-duty boxes to ensure that the items get to us undamaged.

If you cannot transport the boxes you can schedule a pickup by clicking one of the links below. Be sure to choose the correct one.
When the items are received, they will be checked in within 48 hours.

From Oct 1 - Dec 31 of each year, our 48 hour window for processing may extend up to 7 days. We will do our best to process all orders within 48 hours, but there can be a delay during this busy time of the year. We will pay you according to the payment method selected when you filled out the shipping information form.