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Thanks for accepting our offer.

Deb and I are grateful that you chose to sell your collection to us.

Please follow the instructions below.

Packing Instructions


Step 1

Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, and purchase Extra Large Heavy-Duty moving boxes. You may also source boxes from a local box supplier or packaging company. Be sure the boxes are Double Wall/Heavy Duty

Home Depot Heavy Duty Boxes

Lowe’s Heavy Duty Boxes

Packaging Supplies Near Me

Step 2

Pack the dolls or other items by standing them up in the bottom of the box, putting as many in as you can (a bit like putting a puzzle together). DO NOT LAY BARBIE DOLLS DOWN, as the weight of each one on the other may cause them to get crushed in transit. You do not need to wrap the items individually. It is important that the boxes are packed tightly, but do not force items into the boxes in a way that may cause them to be damaged.

Watch the packing videos at this link  Packing Videos

Step 3

After the first layer is in the bottom of the box, you can then lay items down or put on their side to finish packing the box. You may have a small amount of space left over. If you have any new in the box Hallmark Ornaments or new clean beanie babies you can fill this space with those. It will add a little more value to your order ($1-$3 for ornaments ~ 50 cents for Beanie Babies). If not, please fill the space with some kind of packing material (cardboard, paper, air pillows, etc.).

Step 4

After you have the boxes packed and taped, write back to us from the offer email with how many boxes you have and the sizes. I will also need your full name, address, and phone number for the labels. I will then purchase either FedEx or UPS labels and email them to you. Print the labels, and take them with you to a local FedEx or UPS drop off. You can Google those in your location if you do not know of one.

**If you tape the labels to the box please print two copies and put one inside the box just in case it comes off during transit