Sell Kenner Star Wars Action Figures at Sell Your Toys Now

Kenner Products was an American toy company that was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by three brothers. By 1958, Kenner was pioneering the new marketing strategy of advertising products on television.  In 1976, the company acquired the rights to produce action figures and playsets for the original Star Wars trilogy. This turned out to be a fortuitous arrangement, as the IP has gone on to dominate across several media and merchandising franchises. Kenner Products was purchased by Hasbro in 1991, and its product line was absorbed into that of Hasbro. However, having produced recognizable action figures from one of the world’s most popular brands, its toys are still in demand — by buyers and avid collectors alike — to this day. 

Earn Extra Cash by Selling Your Star Wars Kenner Figures

This is great for anyone who has recently rediscovered their own collection. Whether they were waiting around in a box in your basement, or you’ve been carefully curating a petite display for decades, you can benefit from liquidating your investment!  However, it’s often much easier to discuss than to do, which some sellers fail to predict when starting their journey. From vetting authentic offers to coordinating logistics and payouts, it can quickly become exhausting to find a reliable team of buyers. Fortunately, at Sell Your Toys Now, we help you to retain control of the entire process. This means you can confidently, efficiently, and profitably offload your toy collection.

How Do I Sell My Kenner Vintage Toy Collection?

You can sell your vintage Kenner action figures by reaching out to the team at Sell Your Toys Now. We can generally offer a competitive quote from a simple phone call, but you can also determine the value manually with our Custom Quote Generator. Once you know the value of your items, you can package them securely, and mail them with the shipping labels we provide. We typically have them registered within 1-2 business days of receipt at our warehouse. Within 48 business hours, your extra cash is on its way. You can choose between receiving a direct deposit, or a check by mail.

Are Kenner Antique Toys Still Worth Anything?

Yes, due to the enduring popularity of the many IPs they’ve licensed, vintage toys from Kenner Products are still well sought after. However, individual bids are going to be affected by several factors, such as how well they’ve been stored and maintained. To maximize the value of your items, never remove them from their original packaging. Store them in a secure location, with controlled temperatures, and removed from direct sunlight.

Sell Vintage Kenner Products at Sell Your Toys Now

With our simple, 3-step process, you’re empowered to maintain control over your seller’s journey. You can delegate the exhausting tasks required when putting your collection on the market. Furthermore, in doing so, you secure a reliable team of buyers that you can call upon when you need to make room in your display. If you enjoy regularly removing and replacing pieces in your collection, then we can help you earn a competitive return on your investment. To earn extra money from your vintage Kenner collectibles, contact Sell Your Toys Now today.