Sell Mego Figures for Extra Cash at Sell Your Toys Now

In the 1970s, Mego Corporation was one of the leading toy manufacturers in the United States. With its innovative action figures based on popular movie and television characters, Mego was a household name for children across the country.  In 2018, the brand was re-launched but it still retains its focus on 8” action figures. Today, they’ve secured licenses with some of the industry’s biggest players, including CBS, Epic, Sony, and Warner Bros. Their longevity, along with renewed interest, makes this an excellent line for anyone hoping to offload their collection for extra cash. At Sell Your Toys Now, we simplify and expedite the process so that you can spend more time earning, and less time searching for reliable buyers.

Earn Extra Money on Mego Action Figures and Accessories

There is an abundance of collectors looking to sell their collections, but many underestimate just how involved you have to be. Finding a trustworthy buyer can be time-consuming, and that doesn’t even factor in the time it takes to vet the authenticity of their bids. Once you find a buyer, you have to coordinate logistics and payment. Will you meet up with the buyer? If so, where? If not, who will be acquiring the shipping labels that you require? Finally, how will you be paid? Check, cash, or digital? Are you getting fatigued from all of the questions? That’s exactly the point.

How Do I Sell My Mego Vintage Toys?

This one is easy: you contact us at Sell Your Toys Now. You can call us, or you can gauge the value of your items with our Custom Quote Generator. In fact, we find that we’re typically capable of providing a quote over the phone, but we understand that many prefer to take advantage of the Information Age. Once you have your quote, you can print the shipping labels that we provide, and send the items to our warehouse. Your collectibles will be registered within 48 business hours from the time of receipt. You’ll see that your money is on its way (your choice: direct deposit or check by mail?) within 1-2 business days.

Can I Even Earn Cash with my Mego Antique Toys?

Thanks to the continued popularity of these classic toys among collectors, there’s never been a better time to sell Mego figures and accessories online. If you’re lucky enough to own a complete or near-complete collection, it could be in your benefit to find a buyer on which you can rely.

Sell Mego Retro Style Action Figures at Sell Your Toys Now

If you’ve recently discovered a Mego doll or two around the house, then you may be able to convert that dust-collector into a money-maker! However, do try to limit the amount of dust collected by your items, as that will have a detrimental impact on the value of your collectibles. Don’t just move that box from room to room, or let complicated sales processes scare you away from liquidating your investment. To make money from your Mego toys, reach out to our team today.