Where Can I Sell My Pokemon Toys?

Sell Your Pokémon toys

Where Can I Sell My Pokemon Toys? Explore Sell Your Toys Now!

Another year, a new generation of Pokémon! So picture this: it’s summertime—kids are off school, the air is fresh, and you can finally plan a great summer vacation for yourself! But you look at your shelf and see there are quite a few changes you could make to your Pokémon toy collection. Luckily, you aren’t the only one!

Pokemon calls dibs on some of the most popular collector’s toys, having a total craze from 1996 to 2000 (which is where you can find the most iconic merchandise). In fact, 2019 was also a big year—Pokémon was named the highest-grossing franchise of all time. 

In 1996, Pokémon made its first appearance in Japan and landed in the United States shortly afterward (1998). It wasn’t even a year until every kid in school had a Pokémon trading card, or two…or ten!


In fact, did you know that Pokémon became so popular in the late 90s that schools nationwide implemented official policies to try and keep Pokémon trading cards and merch out of the classroom? Yikes!

But for every school wanting to ban the cute little pocket monsters, other establishments created clubs and even predetermined class times specifically for Pokémon—were any of you also in a super cool Pokémon Training Card Club?

Who knew a video game would give way to a massively successful trading card game, countless collectible figures and merchandise, and a ground-breaking tv series? 


Sell Pokémon Toys
sell your Pokémon toys online


Collectors and hobbyists have been buying and selling rare Pokémon toys for decades. The rarest piece of Pokémon merchandise is worth $100,000! And a Piplup plush released for a limited time in 2021 could get you up to $500. Whether your merch is new or old, it’s worth something!

Could you have a Pokémon toy that could earn you thousands?


Where Can I Sell My Pokemon Toys?


Are you wondering where to sell your Pokémon toys for the best price? Maybe you have a rare Pikachu plush or an exclusive Charizard figure. Well, you can rest easy––Sell Your Toys Now is the best place!

At Sell Your Toys Now, we give you total control over the selling process. Finding the best toy markets is tough—we make it simple.

Due to the abundance of possibilities, it becomes nearly impossible to choose the best dealer for your Pokémon toys. Who’s giving you the best deal? What bid should you take? Other platforms can be tempting, but they have strict requirements, turning what’s supposed to be a fun experience into a chore.


Where to Sell Pokemon Toys

In a lot of cases, most of the work is done just by storing the box in a cool, dry place for several years. Sell Your Toys Now wants to let you sell your Pokémon toys in a few clicks—no more sweat ruining the value of those training cards! 


In order to meet every customer’s need, Sell Your Toys Now has designed a tried-and-true three-step procedure that you won’t see anywhere else. Want a personal touch? Or maybe you prefer the set-it and forget-it methods? We deliver an experience that will keep you coming back.

Buy and Sell Collectable Toys


It feels fantastic to have all the control and none of the mind-numbing work. After a quick phone call, you’ll have accurate figures on your Pokémon toys.

Our Custom Quote Generator lets you find your Pokémon toy’s value faster than ever before. Then, you can then negotiate prices until you agree with the numbers! 

Once a transaction has been confirmed, your shipping labels are sent to you, and then your Pikachu is ready for his new journey! You’ll receive your payment within two business days of us receiving your shipment.

What started as a late 90s craze could put a crazy amount of money in your wallet.


The Best Place to Sell Your Collectable Toys

At Sell Your Toys Now, your Bulbasaur can transform into cash. Chat with us to sell your Pokémon valuables!

Where Can I Sell My Pokemon Toys?


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