How to Make Money Selling Your Doll Collection (Without the Hassle!)

Sell Your Doll Collection

How to Make Money Selling Your Doll Collection (Without the Hassle!)

There are a ton of collectible toys out there––from Funko Pops to classic board games to Legos. But did you know that according to top toy experts, dolls dominate the most popular toys of 2022? And this isn’t recent news! In fact, Barbie has been one of the highest-value dolls for decades, with Bratz and Monster High following close behind. Keep reading to learn how to make money selling your doll collection, without the hassle!

Why should I sell my doll collection?

Today, selling fashion dolls has become a business, a hobby, and an art form all wrapped up with a bow! Some sell to afford the newest dolls on the market and spruce up their collection. Others simply sell their children’s old toys to empty houses and fill wallets.  Recently, we’ve seen a popularity boom with artists buying used or like new dolls to customize and turn into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

No matter the scenario, there’s always a valid reason to sell your dolls for a pretty penny.

What dolls are worth money? What dolls are popular now?

Right now, the most popular dolls on the market include Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, and Ever After High. They not only sell for a great price, but they sell fast, especially since they’re always relevant in the media. A used Monster High or Ever After High collection can go for hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the types of dolls, clothes, and pieces. Still new and in-box? Even better! The price point is always higher for a toy in mint condition.

Think your Barbie or Bratz collection could bring in more than your Monster High lot? You could be right. Many toy owners bought a specific Barbie at launch years ago and may not realize it could be worth five times higher today. Who knows? You could be a lucky owner of one of these Barbie dolls and make a fortune in minutes!

Do you own a Bratz Cloe doll? What about Yasmin or Jade? They are the most popular Bratz dolls, ranging up to $300. 

What other dolls are worth a lot of money?

While we’re used to seeing Barbie and Monster High in the limelight, they aren’t the only famous brands. Rest easy because there are plenty of other valuable dolls out there! For example, Disney dolls are always selling for crazy prices, and there’s a large variety to choose from––from the princesses we know and love to figurines of our favorite characters.

Do you have a Tonner Doll looking for a new owner? They rarely sell for anything lower than $100––and that’s just for clothes and accessories! The dolls have sold for as much as $500!

Another famous brand that can earn you cash is Gene dolls, a classic glamour doll selling for hundreds and beloved by collectors and enthusiasts!

What is the best way to sell my doll collection?

The best place to sell your dolls is right here on Sell Your Toys Now, and it’s never been easier! You can download our app to upload your product and watch it fly off our shelves, and you can also use our price quote generator to get the most accurate estimation of what your doll is worth! Questions? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Written by: Cherilyn Lankin

How to Make Money Selling Your Doll Collection (Without the Hassle!)


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