Sell Your Collectibles Here at SYTN!

So, the time has come to cash in on your investment: you’re selling your prized collectibles. But, how do you even know where to start?

Today, it’s easier than ever to find vintage toy collectors online. However, it’s just as easy to be overwhelmed by less-than-credible buyers who don’t have your interests in mind at all.

At Sell Your Toys Now, vintage collectibles are our passion, so we appreciate how meaningful this experience may be for you. Here, we don’t buy toys, we invest in cultural icons — and we want to add yours to our collection.

Where Should You Sell Your Collectibles?

You should sell your collectibles at Sell Your Toys Now. This ensures that you remain in complete control of your seller’s journey, from start to finish.

Why You MUST Sell Your Collectibles at SYTN

Selling your collectibles at Sell Your Toys Now provides you with several benefits. First, we designed our selling process to be transparent and effortless.

You can complete the selling process online, over the phone, or on our brand new app! This keeps control in your hands, and ensures that you’re never surprised.

Second, we pay competitive pricing for every piece, so that you maximize how much you earn from your collection. And finally, we buy any and all collectibles, from dolls and action figures to toy cars and plush animals.

How to Sell Your Figurines and Collectibles at SYTN

A streamlined experience is just one major benefit to selling your collection at Sell Your Toys Now. Here, you can earn extra cash from your vintage collectibles in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect to determine how much your collection is worth.
  2. Send your collection to our team.
  3. Get Paid!

1. How Do You Find Out What Your Collectibles are Worth?

The first step is to determine the value of your collectibles. To do this, connect with us over the phone or through our Custom Quote Generator.

2. Send your collection to the team.

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll provide you with shipping labels. Print them out, package your collectibles securely, apply the labels, then place your package in the mail.

3. Get Paid!

Within 2 business days from the time your package is received at our warehouse, your money is on its way. You can choose Venmo, PayPal, or Check.

Earn Money from Your Collectibles at Sell Your Toys Now

There are many, diverse people who navigate the vintage toy market every day. Some have been meticulously collecting for decades and want to see the return on their investment.

Others simply need to free up space in their attic. These individuals may need to unload toys that have been doing little more than collecting dust over the years.
Whatever type of investor you may be, your toys may be a valuable source of extra cash. To earn the most money you can on your vintage collectibles, reach out to our team today.

Sell Your Collectibles Here at SYTN!


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