These Vintage Toys Are Worth a Ton!

Vintage Toys

Whether you are new to collectibles or have a lifelong passion for acquiring more, you can agree they can be worth a ton of money. In fact, many people have turned their passion into a business.

You can too.

Take a look at the following five collectibles. You might have something valuable too.

5. Star Wars 1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

We know Star Wars has always been big. For those of us who are fortunate enough to appreciate Star Wars when it all began. We can also appreciate one of the coolest toys to have: the Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker action figure circa 1978 with a double lightsaber (that was notoriously easy to break).

If you have one in good condition, you should know that an untouched, new in package, 1978 Luke Skywalker action figure was expected to fetch $12,000 USD. If you have this toy or any vintage Star Wars toys, you should act fast. New and old Star Wars fans are paying top-dollar for these vintage toys. Take note that Boba Fett is huge too.

4. The Original Monopoly Game

Monopoly game boards are undoubtedly popular. Given that there are so many types: John Wayne, My Little Pony and anything else you may have geeked out to as a child.

Monopoly is one of the most frequently bought game boards on the market. If you happen to have the original round crème de la crème board, it could fetch you some coin. Even if you have one of the 300 versions of Monopoly, it’s worth checking into. Some sets are rarer than others. For example, The Patent Pending 1935 version of Monopoly can earn you up to $900.

3. Hot Wheels 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb

If you’re old enough to remember this prototype or have one, you’re in luck. There were 144 originally created, but there are only 50 known to still exist today.

Bruce Pascal has a prototype that features a heavier base in the originally-designed color with the surfboard shown sticking out the rear window, which is the only one known to exist.

Pink is incredibly rare to find with any of the original prototypes because it was believed that boys wouldn’t want to play with a pink VW bus. However, different colors and versions can bring a few thousand.

The most coveted Beach Bomb is worth an approximate $150k. What other most sought-after hot wheels do you have in your collection?

2. The Stefani Canturi Barbie

The Stefani Canturi Barbie was created in 2010. It was created with one purpose: to donate the proceeds from the doll to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation received $302,500 for sale of the doll.

The Stefani Canturi Barbie was designed by Stefano Canturi who adorned the barbie in white and pink diamonds. You may have barbies from 30, 40 or 50 years ago. It’s worth checking your collection. You might have something rare that can make you money. For reference, take a look at this article entitled “The Most Expensive Barbies Ever Sold.”

1. Action Comics No. 1

Quite recently, a copy of the 1938’s Action Comics (No. 1) sold for $3.18 million USD. This was the comic book that first introduced Superman. The particular comic book in question has a rocket stamped on the cover that was placed there in 1938 by the 13-year-old who bought it. Other copies have fetched nearly as much. The beauty about comic books is that many are highly desired. You might have a few rare copies.

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These Vintage Toys Are Worth a Ton!


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