These are the Rarest Bratz Dolls Ever Made!

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If you’re a modern toy collector, then the Bratz dolls are certainly on your radar. These iconic toys have been around since 2001 and are still beloved by many children today.

But did you know that some of these dolls are incredibly rare? This makes them valuable to Bratz fans and vintage toy collectors alike.

In this article, the collectibles experts at Sell Your Toys Now reveal the top 3 rarest Bratz dolls of all time. Do you have any of these? Read below to discover how to earn extra cash from your collection.

2023 List of Rare Bratz Dolls: Top 3 Rarest Bratz Dolls

Created by Carter Bryant and released in 2001, Bratz are a line of dolls that are marketed to pre-teens and teenage girls. They’re popular for their stylish clothing, heavy makeup, and large eyes.

The first Bratz line consisted of four personalities: Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin. Various versions of these personalities have become some of the rarest and most trendy Bratz dolls on the market.

If you’re looking to invest in the rarest options to maximize the ROI when you sell your Bratz dolls, then this is where you start. Here are the 3 most uncommon dolls ever made:

3. Bratz Boyz Twiins Alek and Zack

2. Bratz: Rock Angelz

1. Bratz Live in Concert: Jade and Nevra

3. Bratz Boyz Twiins: Alek and Zack

Released in 2006, the Bratz Boyz Twiins Alek and Zack dolls were exclusive to Germany, Russia, and Scandinavia. These adorable identical twins boast distinctive styles and personalities.

The first in their line, they offered two sets of fashion styles to enable owners to “mix and match.” Of course, mindful collectors own one of each version, and don’t remove them from their original packaging!

2. Tattooed Rock Angelz

This line was designed after the animated movie and video game of the same name. Released in 2005, it introduced rock-&-roll versions of Chloe, Jade, Roxxi, Sasha, and Yasmin.

There were several versions released for this line, but the rarest are the tattooed Bratz. These variants add a navel tattoo to each of our rock-and-rollers.

1. Bratz Live in Concert: Jade and Nevra

If the Rock Angelz didn’t make it obvious, the Bratz girls are partial to music. This line includes our original 4 Bratz, plus Nevra and Dana.

The rarest of this line are the Nevra and Jade dolls. This line wasn’t released outside of the United States, limiting the quantity available in the first place.

After nearly two decades since the line’s release, these have become two of the most uncommon dolls from the Bratz brand.

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Bratz dolls have been popular among kids for more than 20 years. This popularity, along with the rarity of some lines, have made them trendy among vintage toy collectors.
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These are the Rarest Bratz Dolls Ever Made!


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