3 Transformers Action Figures You May Not Know

The Transformers line of toys and products are unique, as many of them actually change from vehicles to robots in disguise. They have a great toy line featuring many iconic franchise characters, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron.

While there are some easily recognizable figures from the franchise, some of the toys produced are not so easy to identify. What are some of the figures from Transformers that you may not know?

Sell Your Toys Now recognizes the importance of any kind of toy. Whether it’s rare or common, unique or straight-up weird, we know that every toy has significance and value, even if many consumers may fail to recognize it upon sight.

3 Obscure Transformers Figures You May Not Recognize

They’re weird, they’re odd, and they’re flat out strange to look at. You may not be able to recognize these three Transformers figures if you were to walk by them in a store.

G1 Pepsi Optimus Prime: Even Heroes Need Sponsorships

The G1 Pepsi Optimus Prime is both rare and quite similar to its normal G1 predecessor, yet it has the Pepsi logo labeled all over. You’re not likely to recognize it immediately as a result.

Despite its advertised makeup, this particular toy is actually worth quite a lot of money. It was also only available in North America, making it quite rare and therefore uncommon to be seen very often.

BotCon Optimus Prime: A Face that Only Autobots Could Love

If you were to approach this toy in a store, you wouldn’t believe that it was the beloved character Optimus Prime. The Optimus Prime (Botcon Door Prize) was a prize given to the 2007 Botcon door winner that had its face replaced with that of the winner.

It’s certainly a unique figure that was based off of the 2007 Lucky Draw version of the character. The lack of its iconic face makes this figurine one truly an odd one to look at.

Masterpiece Megatron: A Decepticon that is Not Safe for Kids

The beloved villain of the Transformers franchise, Megatron has certainly taken many different forms and looks throughout his time. The Masterpiece Megatron lands on this list for a bit of a different reason, however.

This particular Megatron figurine transforms into a very accurate and fake German gun, so handing this one off to kids is not recommended. Since it’s more of a rare toy as well, the price tag — combined with its odd transformation — makes this Megatron one that people may not realize actually exists.

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3 Transformers Action Figures You May Not Know


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