These LEGO® Sets Have the Most Pieces Ever!

These LEGO® Sets Have the Most Pieces Ever!

LEGO® sets are known for having countless intricate pieces, but did you know that there were sets that legitimately have over 6,000-8,000 bricks?

Some of the biggest sets around come with additional moving parts and many other pieces that make for an extremely complex experience.

In this article, the vintage collectibles experts at Sell Your Toys Now reveal the 5 biggest and most complicated LEGO® sets on the market today.

What are the Top 5 Biggest LEGO® Sets?

Anybody who might have moved beyond the simplest little Duplo kits may think they’re ready to play with the big kids. But you may want to watch where you tread, because there are massive LEGO® sets you can get online that are way out of most collector’s league.

5. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The oddly specific number of 7,541 pieces sounds like something that would come out of C-3PO’s mouth, but that’s what it takes to build this 33-inch Millennium Falcon set. The ultimate collector’s version of this set once went for over $15,000, so Star Wars fans might want to start saving their pennies.

4. LEGO Colosseum

Rok Zgalin Kobe designed this miniature version of the Colosseum, which comes with more than 9,030 pieces but fewer wild animals than the real Roman monument probably had crawling around in its dark tunnels. Designed to look the way that the structure stands today in Rome, the LEGO® Colosseum even features simulated earthquake damage along the front.

3. LEGO Titanic

With 9,090 pieces, a finished LEGO® model of the RMS Titanic comes to around 53 inches in length. You’ll find everything from the grand staircase to the boiler room smashed inside of this model, which gives you the freedom to spin the ship’s screws and watch the piston engines turn around inside of the hull. The design team even made the outside colors period accurate to how the ship must have looked in 1912.

2. LEGO Eiffel Tower

The real Eiffel Tower has gotten bigger over the years because of the installation of TV and FM radio antennas, but it still might not feel quite as tall as this 58½-inch model. The finished version of this LEGO® kit would be taller than the Titanic one is long. Even if you find a place that can fit something that tall, you might struggle to find the time to put it together since it takes more than 10,000 pieces to assemble!

1. LEGO Art World Map

Nothing is bigger than this massive map, which amazingly clocks in at over 11,000 individual pieces! That coincidentally might make it one of hardest to put together ever made.

When finished it looks like a real atlas you can hang on your wall, complete with individual pushpins that you can insert into the map to track your travels. Since it’s made out of LEGO® bricks, it almost has a sort of pixelated 8-bit look and feel to it that might remind you of the unique faces found on Funko pop figures.

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These LEGO® Sets Have the Most Pieces Ever!


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